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Post at: Sep 25 2021

Delhi Police Commissioner Launched 'Ummeed' Programme' To Promote Communal Harmony


  • On 18th August 2021, Delhi Police Commissioner  Rakesh Asthana inaugurated, a community policing programme 'Ummeed' in the northeast district of Delhi

What is Community Policing ?

  • Community Policing is generally defined as a law enforcement philosophy that allows officers to continuous'y operate in the same area in order to create a stronger bond with citizens living and working in that area.


  • The programme 'Ummeed : A step together towards a better tomorrow- A day with Team Northeast' was organised by northeast district police at Shyam Lal College in Delhi.
  • It was based on the theme of communal harmony and peace highlighting the achievements of 'Nagrik Bhaichara Samiti (NBS) - an initiative of Northeast district police for peace and harmony.
  • It is based on the principle of 'A Policemen is a citizen with Uniform and a Citizen is a Policeman without uniform.
  • This will promote unity and mutual trust between communities. hence people can live peacefully.
  • This will cherish the mutual trust between communities in order to live peacefully with the spirit of co-existence.
  • It will help police to tackle all sorts of law and order issues and hence effectiveness will enchance in law & order situation. 


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