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Post at: Sep 21 2021

Under All Scheme Rice to Be Fortified by 2024

Why in News?

  • On 15 August, 2021 PM addressing the nation, announced to provide fortified rice to poor under various schemes.
  • This decision was taken in order to address the problems of malnutrition in India.

Why Need of Fortified Rice

  • Providing nutrition to every poor person in India is need of hour.
  • FSSAI sets standards for food items to improve nutritional quality of poor.
    • 8    According FSSAI, norms, 1 kg fortified rice shall contain iron (28mg - 42.5 mg),folic acid (75-175 mg) and vitamin B-12 (0.75-1.25 mg).
  • In addition, rice may also be fortified with micronutrients, singly or in combination, with Zink (10-15 mg), Vitamin A (500-750 mg), Vitamin B1 (1-1.5mg), Vitamin - B2 (12.5-20mg) and Vitamin B6 (1.5-2.5mg) per kg.

Components Under the Scheme
1.    Fortification of rice in the PDS at the state level.
2.    Capacity Building and Training.
3.    Information, Education and Communication.
4.    Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
5.    Monitoring and Evaluation. 

  • The Government distributes over 300 lakh tonnes of Rice under various schemes covered under NFSA - 2013.
  • India accounts for over one-fifth of world's rice-production.
  • India is also largest consumer of rice and fortified rice can easily counter bidders hunger. Malnutrition like problem.
  • As per NFHS-4 report, India has largest burden of iron-deficiency and anaemic pregnant women, and children.


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