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Post at: Sep 07 2021

Shehroze Kashif became the youngest person in the world to reach the summit of K2

Why in News?

  • A 19-year old Pakistani climber on 27th July, 2021 became the youngest person in the world to reach the summit of K2, the second-higehst peak in the world.
  • Before Kashif, Sajid Sadpara, the son of the legendary climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara, was the youngest person to have climbed K2 at the age of 20.

More in News

  • He achived the feat of scaling the 8,611-metre high peak with the aid of bottled oxygen.
  • Kashif also scaled the world's 12th-highest mountain, the 8,047-metre Broad Peak, at the age of 17.
  • Pakistan, Nepal and China are home to the 14 highest peaks in the world, also known as the 8,000 ers.
  • Both K2 and Nanga Parbat are considered as the most difficult and challenging by the climbers.

About K2

  • Regarded by many as a 'savage mountain' due to its difficult topography and unpredictable weather, K2 falls in the Karakoram range between the Gilgit-Baltistan region in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and China and is 8,611-metres (28,250ft) high.
  • K2 is also referred to as Mount Godwin-Austen in honour of Henry Godwin-Austen, an early explorer of the region.
  • K2 is the sole 8000 m peak that has never been reached by anyone from its East Face or during winter time.

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