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Post at: Aug 18 2021

Draft National Space Transportation Policy, 2020

Why in News?

  • The Department of Space (DoS) recently, On 24 June, 2021 put forward the Draft National Space Transportation Policy, 2020-Norms, Guidelines & Procedures. The policy provides a technological & regulatory framework for the Space Transportation Sector.

About Space Transportation System

  • Any system that transports payloads (living or non-living) from earth to outer space or outer space to earth is referred to as space transport system.
  • Space transportation Systems comprising of various classes of launch vehicles, provide assured and reliable access to space for building space infrastructure that allows India to explore opportunities, not only for national needs but also for participation in global opportunities.
  • Space transportation System sustains and augments the national space infrastructure.
  • This infrastructure consist of earth observation satellites, communication satellites, navigational satellite and satellites for space science & exploration.
  • It also enable the commercial exploitation of increasing opportunities for launch services as well as human spaceflight to near earth orbit & robotic space exploration.
  • The recent reforms announced by the Government towards unlocking the potential of the space sector in the country are expected to attract entrepreneurs to invest in cost effective & quick turn-around space transportation system.

National Space Transportation Policy 2020

  • The policy enables independent and reliable access to space towards harnessing space technology in the interest of national development, security & sovereignty.
  • It also aims to foster an environment for Indian entities to develop capabilities in space transportation systems and thereby gain a significant position in the global space economy.
  • In order to promote and sustain the development of these capabilities within the country, the government of India through its department of Space shall :

Private sector participation in space :

  • The Draft Policy presents an argument for participation of private sector in space.

  • The policy talks about functions & responsibilities of IN-SPACe in length
    • IN-SPACe act as a single-point interface between ISRO, and everyone who wants to participate in space-related activities.
    • Any rocket launch, by private players, from Indian or overseas territory can be carried on only with the authorization of from Indian national Space Promotion & Authorization Center (IN-SPACe).
    • IN-SPACe is an independent body constituted by GoI, under the Department of Space (DoS).

@  Anubhav Upadhyay


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