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Post at: Aug 18 2021

AI For All' drive

Recent Context

  • Intel has recently announced its collaboration with CBSE and Ministry of Education to launch an initiative focusing on education of Artificial Intelligence in India.
  • The initiative has been named as ‘AI For All’.
  • It was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the first anniversary of National Education Policy on 29th July 2021.

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. 
  • AI system ingest large amount of data using specialized tools (hardware and software) , then process and analyse those data again using special tools (programmed codes ) and based on these analysis predict the future pattern or perform the required task by themselves without any human intervention.

Importance of AI

  • AI has tremendous applications in our daily lives. Today, it is used in wide range of processes including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, marketing and more. 
  • Companies and people worldwide are relying on machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence to improve their products, processes and customer experience.  
  • Data collection in health care , identifying  genetic diseases , weather forecasting, space technology, aviation, modern weapon systems are some of the areas in which AI is being utilized these days.
  • Can write about AI techniques; like ML, NLP, Robotics etc.


  • In the year 1956, American computer scientist John McCarthy organised the Dartmouth Conference, at which the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was first adopted. 
  • But due to ethical issues like AI taking over humans , the projects related to AI were stopped by the USA government.
  • In 21st century, with proliferation of computers in every domain of life, AI again picked up the pace.

India and Artificial Intelligence

  • According to a Canada based company’s Global AI Report 2019, India stood at the ninth position in terms of the number of the AI specialists working in the field. The US, China and the UK topped the list.
    • In India , there are still very few reputed educational institute which provide specialized Courses in the field of AI.
    • While the above top countries have number of institutions providing top content in the field of AI.
  • CBSE is offering AI as an elective subject for its ninth grade classes.
  • IIT Hyderabad has launched a full fledged Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) program in AI becoming the first Indian educational institution to do so. It is also most likely the third educational institute in the world after Carnegie Mellon University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to have a full fledged B Tech program on AI. 
  • Defence forces are also doing quite extensive in-house research in the field of use of AI in defence sector.
  • It is estimated that AI will add 957 billion dollars to India’s GDP by the year 2035 boosting India’s annual growth by 1.3% points.
  • As per a study conducted by NASSCOM, India was ranked eighth in the top 10 countries by AI patent filings on a global level, an impressive accomplishment considering it had no AI-related patent filing prior to 2002 

Challenges in India

  • Lack of broad based expertise in research and application of AI.  
  • Absence of access to intelligent data. 
  • High resource cost.
  • Low awareness for adoption of the technology.
  • Privacy and security issues.  
  • Shortage of skilled manpower. 
  • Indian technical universities are not doing enough to strengthen the AI ecosystem unlike their global counterparts.

Way Forward

  • As per Global Artificial Intelligence Market Report 2021, AI Solution Market will Reach $227.5Billion by 2026, Growing at 28.6% CAGR.
  • Also future is of AI technology. If India is left behind , it will face the similar kind of problems that it faces today because of administrative control of USA over internet.
  • That’s why it is imperative that India pushes towards the AI development at fast pace.
  • Along with that, policies should be developed in such way that they strive to leverage AI for economic growth, social development and inclusive growth.
  • Lack of skilled professional in the field of AI must be addressed as quickly as possible.
  • India must foster AI innovations and set up AI-friendly infrastructure to prepare India’s job and skill markets for AI-based future.

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