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Post at: Aug 12 2021

Right to Repair Movement

Why in News?

  • In recent years, countries around the world have been attempting to pass effective right to repair laws.
  • But it is surprising that the movement has faced tremendous resistance from tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft etc.

About the Movement

  • Activists and organizations around the world have been advocating for right of consumers to be able to repair their own electronics and other products.
  • Corporates are promoting the culture of planned obsolescence which means that devices are designed specifically to last a limited amount of time and to be replaced.
  • The movement traces its roots back to very dawn of the computer era in the 1954.

Why this movement

  • Manufacturing an electronic device is a highly polluting process.
  • It makes use of polluting sources of energy, such as fossil fuel, which has an adverse impact on the environment.
  • New York Times report says that mining and manufacturing materials used to make an iphone represent roughly 83% of its contribution to heat trapping emissions in the atmosphere throughout its life cycle.

Benefit of Movement

Why Giant Tech Opposing

  • Large tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla etc. argue that right to repair open their intellectual ‘Property’ right to third party.
  • It could lead to exploitation and impact of the safety and security of their devices.
  • Tesla has fight against right to repair advocacy, stating that such initiatives threaten, data security and cyber security.

Way forward –

  • Right to repair is good move to boost circular economy, protection of environment but at same time there is need to address issue of intellectual property right, data security and cyber security.






@  Rahul Yadav

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