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Post at: Aug 06 2021

Police Reforms in India

Why in News

  • Recently in Parliaments the government disclosed that between 1st April and 30th November, 2015, 25,357 cases were registered under police category which included 111 deaths in police custody, 330 cases of custodial torture and 24916 in others.
  • This data emphasis on the need to make a more humane police force.


  • The Police Act of 1861 was legislated by the British right after the Revolt of 1857.
  • It bring in efficient administration of police in the country and to prevent any future revolts.

Problems with the Police System

  • What is Police Reform?
  • It aim to reform the values, culture policies and practices of police.
  • It envisages police to perform their duties with respect for constitutional values and human rights.
  • It also aim to improve how the police interact with other ports of the security sector.

Commissions/Committees on Police reforms


  • Modernization of police forces scheme : Scheme was initiated in 1969-70 and envisages –

  • Need for political will - The supreme Court in Prakash Singh Case (2006) gave unique directive, there is need to implement these directive at ground level.

  • Revamping Criminal Justice System – There is need to implement recommendations of the Menon and Malimath Committees.

Some of key recommendations are –

  • Creation of fund to compensate victims who turn hostile from pressure of culprits.
  • Setting up separate authority at national level to deal with crimes threatening the country’s security.
  • A complete revamp of entire criminal procedure system.

Way forward :

  • Need of Smart police

Some features – CCTNS, CCTV, Safe and Secure Armousy, Record Room, etc.

  • Need Community Policing Model – It help in reduce trust deficit between police and public

  • Compulsory establishment of State Security Commission and Police Establishment Boards.
  • Need of Never Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning etc in policing system.

 Rahul Yadav

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