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Post at: Aug 05 2021

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Why in News
On 8 July, 2021. The United Nations says it stand ready to support Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in efforts to resolve their decade long disagreement over the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

  • Ethiopia began the construction of Dam in 2011 on Blue Nile River a 145 meter tall and a $ 5 billion project.
  • After completion the dam will be Africa’s largest project.
  • Dam’s massive reservoir will store 74 billion cubic meters (BCM) of water, roughly equal to a year and half’s worth of Blue Nile’s flow.
  • Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda has objected to construction of dam.
  • Kenyan president emphasized the importance of properly utilizing natural resources and sustainably addressing the needs of increasing population.

Significance of Dam for Ethiopia –

  • Ethiopia believes that dam will generate approximately 6,000 megawatts of electricity offer completion.


UN’s stand to resolve conflict –

  • UN says it is ready to promote win-win solution for Blue Nile River project.
  • Egypt and Sudan also urged the UN security a Council to undertake preventive diplomacy and call for a legally binding agreement to resolve a dispute with Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia insisted the matter can solved by African Union.

Way forward

To resolve the conflict peacefully mediation and facilitation by neighbouring countries and International bodies are necessary.

  • Need a peacefully resolution of issues so that each country can reap advantage of dam.
  • Need a comprehensive compensation method to compensate each country’s losses to resolve conflict.

 Rahul Yadav

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