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Post at: Jul 28 2021

Sea plane Services in India and UDAN Scheme


On 15th June 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways and Ministry of Civil Aviation for Development of Sea Plane services in India was signed.

The Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) - Ude Desh Ka Aam Nagrik (UDAN) is a flagship scheme of the Ministry of Civil Aviation envisgaged to make air travel affordable and widespread in the country. It was launched in April 2017.

  • Signing of this MoU is a major milestone for making seaplanes project a reality.
  • This MoU envisages development of Non Scheduled/Scheduled operation of seaplane services within territorial jurisdiction of India under RCS-UDAN scheme of government India.
  • The co-ordination committee with officials of MoCA, Ministry of Ports, Ministry of Tourism is to be set up for timely completion of oerpationalisation of seaplane services at various locations.
  • It will be a game changer both for Indian Maritime and Civil Aviation sectors.
  • It will enhance seamless connectivity across the nation.
  • It will also promote eco-friendly transportation through seaplanes.
  • It will give a boost to the tourism industry.
  • It will help in expediting the development of new water aero-drones and also operationalization of new seaplane rates in India.
  • MoCA is obliged to provide financial support in respect of water aero-drones under RCS-UDAN scheme.


  • Seaplane projects will provide faster and hassle-free travel option for long, treacherous and hilly regions of the country.
  • Till now 16 seaplane routes have been identified under RCS-UDAN scheme.
  • It will save time & boost tourism.
  • It will provide a bird eye view of tourist places.
  • IWAI (Inland Waterways Authority of India) will manage the project of seaplane in inland waterways & SDCL (Sagarmala Development Company Limited) will manage the projects of seaplane in coastal areas.

Hence, this MoU between the two ministries will give a big fillip to the provision of a new kind of tourism & connectivity services in India.

Amit Gupta

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