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Post at: Jul 27 2021

Submission on Agriculture Mechanization


  • Recently, the Government of India has issued funds for various activities of farm Mechanisation.
  • Under the Sub-Mission Agricultural Mechanization (SWAM) scheme, during the period from 2014-15 to 2020-21 an amount of Rs. 294.74 crore have been released to Uttar Pradesh.

Agricultural mechanization is one of the important factors for sustainable development of the agricultural sector. It helps in increasing production through reducing the cost of agricultural works through

Mechanisation of agriculture and farming process connotes application of machine power to work on land usually performed by bullocks and other drought animals or by human labour.


  • The SWAM not only includes the traditional component of training, testing, demonstration of agricultural machinery and procurement subsidy, but also includes farm machinery Banks for Custom Hiring, etc.
  • It creates awareness among stakeholders through demonstration and capacity building activities.
  • It (SWAM) is also promoted through various other scheme and programmes of the Ministry such as –

It has several advantages such as

Despite having more advantages of agricultural mechanism, it has some concern related to farmers as follows:

  1. It will reduce workforce. Hence the employability in farm sector will automatically go down.
  2. If mechanized machinery would be used in this sector to a great extent, it will enhance the pollution.


Therefore, it can be said that agricultural mechanisation aims at reducing operations which have to be performed either by human labour or combined effort of human beings and animals.

Amit Gupta

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