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Post at: Jul 27 2021

Global Cyber security Index 2020

Recent Context
On June 29, 2021, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has launched Global Cyber security Index 2020 (GCI-2020).
GCI was first launched in 2015 by ITU to measure the commitment of 193 ITU member states and Palestine to cyber security.
Report aims to better understand countries’ commitment to cybersecurity, identify gaps, encourage the
incorporation of good practices and provide useful insights for countries to improve their cybersecurity posture.


  • It measures 194 countries on the basis of 82 questions on member State’s Cybersecurity Commitments over 20 indicators across 5 pillars. It is 4th edition of index.

India and Cyber Security

  • India scored 97.5 points out of 100 in GCI, 2020.
  • It was placed at 4th position in the Asia Pacific region.
  • India is emerging global IT superpower, but with increase in its capabilities, capacities and global power projection, it is also facing multiple challenges in the field of cybersecurity.


Steps taken by India

  • National Cyber Security Strategy 2020: Under formulation to improve cyber awareness and security.
  • Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018: Based on the recommendation of BN Srikrishna Committee.
  • National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In): National nodal agency for coordination of all cybersecurity efforts, emergency response and crisis management.

5 Pillars of Ranking



  • USA topped (1st), followed by UK and Saudi Arabia tied on 2nd position together.
  • Estonia was ranked 3rd.
  • India jumped to 37 places and was ranked 10th.
  • Among BRICS nation, Russia was ranked 5th, China at 33.
  • Pakistan was at 14th followed by Sri Lanka (15) & Nepal (17)


  • Smartphones, social media, Information Communication Technologies (ICT) proliferation etc. has today become part of human existence. Currently 3.5 billion people are online and digital world is estimated to be 44 zettabytes.
  • ICT has affected broader ecosystem of nations given life to new possibilities like e-governance, new knowledge industries and global digital economy.
  • All countries are affected to some extent by digital divide today, and as a key enabler of the economy, society and government which rely on digital systems, cybersecurity must be a high priority.

Kameshwar Shukla


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