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Post at: Jul 22 2021

Draft Rules for Live-Streaming Court


  • In June, 2021, the e-Committee of the Supreme Court has published the Draft Rules on live-Streaming and Recording of court proceedings.
  • It held that live streaming proceedings are part of the right to access justice under Article 21.


  • The court has to duly inform the parties before the commencement of proceeding that are being live streamed.
  • All proceeding in the honourable High courts, can be telecast in some cases. Hence the rules would cover live-streaming and recording of proceedings in High Courts, lower courts and tribunals.
  • The cases relating to matrimonial disputes, gender-based violence, those involving minors and other such cases which in the opinion of the Bench, may provoke enmity amongst communities likely to result in a breach of law and order, would not be telecast.
  • The unauthorized usage of the live stream will be punishable as on offence under the Indian copyright Act, information Technology Act and other provisions of law including the law of contempt.
  • A judge can pause or stop live stream.
  • Personal information such as date of birth, home address, identity card number bank account information and the personal information of related parties will be deleted muted.
  • There may delay of 10 minutes in live-streaming. It can be changed as per directions of the court.


  • This initiative will make justice delivery system affordable transparent, speedy & accountable by limiting the paper filings.
  • It will save time too.

There are due concern such as:


Hence, the draft rules will pave a way for enhancing judicial productivity, quality & quantity to make the jusitice delivery & system affordable accessible, cost effective predictable, reliable, transparent along with curbing the piling up of cases.

Amit Gupta

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