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Post at: Jul 22 2021

BRICS Green Hydrogen Summit


  • In June, 2021, India held a two day summit on Green Hydrogen Initiatives involving the BRICS nations.
  • This event was held online via a video conference.


  • The online event hosted by India saw leading experts from the BRICS countries who shared their insights and professional views on the subject going in their countries in the area of green hydrogen.
  • These BRICS countries are focusing on green hydrogen. The reason is that it has a great potential to ensuresustainable energy supply, increase level of energy availability and therefore minimize the adverse impact on environment.
  • They (BRICS) discussed on ideas integrating hydrogen in the overall energy policy framework by different countries.
  • The discussion also entailed financing options for the emerging green hydrogen technology.



  • The benefits can be enumerated as such :


How is it used?
Hydrogen is not a source of energy but an energy carrier. It must be produced and stored before use. This molecule of gas that stores energy can restore it in several ways.

  1. Combusting it : Combusting one kilo of hydrogen releases three times more energy than a kilo of gasoline.
  2. Fuel Cell:  A fuel cells is an electrochemical cell that converts the chimerical energy of hydrogen & oxygen into electricity through a pair of redox reactions. The waste product of the reaction is water.


  • Green chemicals like ammonia and methanol can directly be utilized in existing application like fertilizers, mobility, power, chemicals, shipping among others.


  • However challenges lie in terms of technology, efficiency, financial viability and scaling up. This will be addressed soon by coordination & cooperation among nations.


  • Therefore the green hydrogen gives hydrogen the edge over other fuels to unlock various avenues of greater usage & there is a need to bring out more strategies to define targets and roadmaps based on the resources and strengths in future.

Amit Gupta


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