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Post at: Jul 20 2021

Biotech KISAN Programme


  • On 19th June, 2021 the Department of Biotechnology issued a special call for North East Region as a part of its Mission programme Biotech-Krishi Innovation Science Application Networks (Biotech-KISAN).


  • Biotech-KISAN is a scientist- farmer partnership scheme launched in 2017 for agriculture innovation.
  • The main theme of Biotech – Kisan is connecting science with the farmers.
  • It is developed by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • This scheme is a farmer centric scheme for farmers, developed by and with farmers.
  • It is a Pan-India Programme following a hub-and-spoke model. It also stimulates entrepreneurship and innovation in farmers and empowers women.
  • Farmers are also exposed to best global farm management and practices.


  • Its aim is to understand the local problems of the NER (North East Region) farmers. It also provides scientific solutions to those problems.
  • The other objective is to connect science laboratories with the farmers to find out innovative solutions and technologies to be applied at farm level.
  • Under this scheme, so far 146 Biotech-KISAN Hubs have been established covering all 15 agroclimatic zones and 110 Aspirational Districts in the country.
  • It aims to work with small and marginal farmers especially the women farmer for better agriculture productivity through scientific intervention. It too evolves best farming practices in the Indian context.
  • However this scheme has benefitted over two lakh farmers so far by increasing their agriculture outcome and income. Over 200 entrepreneurship have also been developed in rural areas.


  • The Biotech-KISAN will be implemented in the North East Region with objective of linking available agriculture technologies to the farm with farmers.
  • It will identify and promote local farm leadership and such leadership helps to develop science based farming besides facilitating transfer of knowledge.


Therefore it will enhance the production sustainability in North-Eastern Region.

The present call focuses on the North-East Region as it is predominantly agrarian with 70% of its workforce engaged in agriculture and allied sector for livelihood. 

  • The NER region produces merely 1.5 percent of country’s food grain and continues to be a net importer of food grains. 
  • This Biotech Programme will tap the untapped potential to enhance the income of the farming population by promotion of the location specific crops.
  • The Hubs in NER will collaborate with the top scientific institutions across the country as well as state Agricultural Universities/Krishi Vigyan Kendras and other farmer’s organisations in the NER for demonstrations of technologies and training of farmers.


This programme will help in taking innovative biotechnology to the farmers & would be a lead to link farmer’s with researchers.

Amit Gupta

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