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Post at: Jul 16 2021

Annual Survey of World’s Most Liveable Cities


Auckland topped on the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) annual Global Liveability Index of 140 cities around the world. Its report was released in June, 2021.


It is seen that pandemic has shaken up the rankings of the world’s most liveable cities with metropolis cities in Australia, Japan and New Zealand, leaping ahead of those in Europe.


  • Auckland is the most liveable city in 2021, followed by Osaka & Tokyo in Japan.
  • In contrast, European cities fared particularly poor in this report.
  • Vienna, previously the world’s most liveable city between 2018-20, fell to 12th.
  • Eight of the top ten biggest falls in the rankings are European cities.
  • The biggest fall overall among the European cities was the port city of Hamburg Northern Germany fell 34 places to 47th.
  • The most notable rise was recorded by Honolulu, Hawaii, in the United States. It came 14th in the ranking & moved up 46 places because of the pandemic and fast vaccination programme.
  • Life remains most difficult in Damascus because of Syria’s ongoing civil war.
  • Asia Pacific cities dominated the top 10 rankings this year even as the pandemic overall liveability around the world to decline.


The impact of COVID-19 has been fairly obvious in the ranking. As cities were in lockdown during survey period saw their scores reduced on several criteria falling down on the ranks.

Amit Gupta


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