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Post at: Jul 13 2021

China Plans its first Crewed Mission to Mars in 2033

Recent Context

  • On June 25, 2021, China disclosed its plan to send it first crewed mission to Mars in 2033.

About to first Crewed Mission to Mars

  • First crewed mission to Mars will be launched with regular follow-up flights.
  • It will launch under a long-term plan to build a permanently base on Red Planet and extract its resources.
  • Crewed launches to Mars are planned for 2033, 2035, 2037, 2041 and beyond.

Three Step Roadmap for first crewed mission to Mars
Step-1- At the technology preparation phase, China will send robots to Mars to study possible sites for the base and to build system to extract resources there.

  • An uncrewed round trip mission to collect samples from Mars is expected around 2030.
  • For human inhabitation on Mars, Crew would have to be able to use the planet’s resources, such as extracting any water beneath its surface, generating oxygen on-site and producing electricity.

Step-2.  A base will be built on Mars.
Step-3.  China’s Mars plan envisages fleets of spacecraft shuttling between Earth and Mars and major development of its resources.

  • To shorten the travel time, spacecraft would have to tap energy released from nuclear reactions in the form of heat and electricity, in addition to traditional chemical propellants.


There ideas may sound more like science fiction at this point. But if China’s recent record is any reference (the country has managed to send rovers to the moon & Mars, as well as establish a space station in orbit over just a few year), it is not difficult for them to come true.

  • Therefore, this ambitious plan will intensify a race with United State to put humans on Mars.

By - Yogesh Pratap Singh

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