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Post at: Sep 28 2022

Forever Chemicals

  • According to a recent study, scientists have found that rainwater from many places across the globe is contaminated with "per - and Polyfluoroalkyel substances (PFAs)"

What are PFAs?

  • PFAs are synthetic chemicals used to create nonstick cookware, water- and oil-resistant clothing, stain-resistant fabrics, cosmetics, and a variety of other products.
  • During the course of their manufacturing and usage, PFAs can move to the land, water, and air.
  • The majority of PFAs do not degrade, therefore they linger in the environment for a long time.
  • If people and animals are exposed to the chemicals frequently, some of these PFAs can accumulate in them.

Issues with the PFAs

  • A variety of health risks that are attributed to PFA exposure, including decreased fertility, developmental effects in children, interference with body hormones and more.
  • High levels of PFAs in the blood can cause heart attack stroke and many other adverse health outcomes.
  • Long-term low-level exposure to certain PFAs can make it difficult for humans to build antibodies.
  • It can also lead to Groundwater Contamination.

Way Forward

  • There are several methods of removing PFAs on which scientists are working on some are like, Incineration,Supercritical Water Oxidation and Plasma Reactors.
  • That shows a hope that researchers will find more simple and cost-effective solutions for breaking down these  chemicals in futture.


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