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Post at: Sep 24 2022

China’s Pilot reusable spacecraft

On 5th August 2022, China successfully launched its pilot reusable spacecraft. 
About the Chinese Mission

  • Launched by: Chinese Space Agency
  • Launched from: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the northwest China
  • Launched using: Long March-2F carrier rocket 
  • Objective: Technology demonstrator for reusable spacecraft

What is special about the spacecraft

  • It is a reusable craft that means that the spacecraft after its launch will return to a planned landing site after operating in the orbit for some time to provide technical validations for reuses.

Future prospect for China

  • For China, it is a big step towards developing reusable space transportation technology.
  • The craft returned to Earth on the same day after flying to the edge of the atmosphere, however not much further details were provided by China.

Importance of Reusable Space Vehicles

  • Reusable space-crafts drastically lower the costs of launch, in turn lowering the barrier of access to space.
  • This will lower the costs for satellite launches and drive development of satellite megaconstellations used for communication and Earth Observations.
  • Commercial space exploration will be easy and efficient with reusable rockets.


  • With space becoming the next frontier for the mankind, the space race has just started to heat up. In this having a reusable vehicle in its arsenal will prove game changing for any country.


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