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Post at: Sep 21 2022

Basic Road Statistics in India 2018-19

Road network works as arteries of economic, social and cultural health of a country by transporting men and materials both during peace and war. Road infrastructure improves the effectiveness and efficiency of country and increase the standard of living of people and make their lives easier. India has one of the largest road network in the world with road length of around 63.31 lakh km. 
About Basic Road Statistics in India 2018-19

  • Released on : July 20, 2022
  • Released by : Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (Transport Research Wing)

Key Facts Road Network in India

  • The country’s road network consists of National Highways, Expressways, State highways, District roads, urban roads, village roads, rural roads etc.
  • India has a total road network of  63,31,757 kilometres as on 31st March 2019.
  • It is the second largest in the world, after the United States with 66,45,709 kilometres of roads.
  • The share of road transport in India's transport sector  is 3.06 per cent to GVA against the total transport sector contribution of 4.58 percentages for the year 2019-20.
  • Whereas, the share of Railways was at 0.74 per cent, Air Transport at 0.12 per cent and Water Transport at 0.08 per cent.

  • These five States with the largest road networks accounted for a combined share of about 40% of road length in India.
  • The largest State/UT in surfaced road are - Maharashtra  top amongst the States with 4,97,342 Km (12.71 %) in followed by Uttar Pradesh with 3,75,002 Km (9.58%), Madhya Pradesh with 3,13,482 Km (8%), Rajasthan with 2,87,310 (7.3) and Tamilnadu with 2,28,006 (5.82).
  • Road density of country, is defined as average road length per 1000 Sq. Km.
  • Road density/availability has increased from 1422.63 per 1000 Sq. Km in 2011- 12 to 1926.02 per 1000 Sq. Km in 2018-2019.

National Highways

  • The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) is mandated with the construction, development and maintenance of the National Highways (NH). 
  • The total length of NHs is 1.32 lakh km .
  • Maharashtra has the highest NH network  with 17,757 km (13.4%) followed by Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan with 11,737 km (8.9 %) and 10,342km (7.8 %) respectively 
  • Madhya Pradesh with 8772 km (6.6%) and Karnataka 7335 km (5.5%) rank fourth and fifth respectively. 
  • These 5 States share 42.2 per cent of total National Highways network in the country during 2018-19.

State Highways

  • State Highways are constructed and managed by State Governments through the State Public Works Departments.
  • Total State Highways constructed was 1,79,535 km as on 31st March 2019, which constitute 2.8 percent of total road network in the country.
  • Maharashtra has the highest share of State Highways network in the country i.e. 17.83 per cent (32005 Km) followed by Karnataka 10.85 per cent (19473 Km), Gujarat 9.33 per cent (16746 Km), Rajasthan 8.39 per cent (15061 Km) and Andhra Pradesh 7.52 per cent (13500 Km). 
  • These five States accounted for about 53.9% of the total length of SHs in the country.

District Roads

  • District Roads are key roads within a district, which connects Taluk headquarters and major rural areas to District headquarters. 
  • District Roads are constructed & maintained by Public Works Department of States and UTs.
  • The total length of District Roads as on 31st March, 2019 was 6,12,778Km. 
  • Maharashtra topped the States in the total length of District Roads in the country with 1,08,419 km (17.7%) followed Uttar Pradesh 55,816 km (9.1%), Madhya Pradesh 50,714 km (8.3%), Karnataka 49,555 km (8%) and Tamil Nadu 48,236 (7.9%).
  • These five States together account for about 51% of the total length of District Roads in India.



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