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Post at: Sep 15 2022

West Seti Hydro Project

Why in News?

  • After the Nepal's request India will be taking over the West Seti Hydro Power Project nearly four year after china withdrew from this.
  • National Hydro Power Corporation (NHPC) has already begun preliminary engagement of the site in far-western Nepal.
  • This all taking place following by Prime Minister's visit at Lumbini at 16 May, 2022.

West Seti Hydroelectric Project

  • It is a storage type hydropower project with installed capacity of 750MW
  • West Seti Storage project is proposed to develop on Seti river.

  • The proposed dam of West Seti Hydropower Station is located between two regional faults.
  • The north side is 35km away from the main thrust fault while the south side is about 80km away from the Maximum Continuous Thrust (MCT).


  • This storage or reservoir will fill up during the monsoon season and the water will be drawn to generate power during peak hours each day in the dry season.
  • The project targets multi-purpose like flood control, navigation, fisheries, irrigation,that will help people on both sides.
  • It will restore India’s image in Nepal and give it weightage in future considerations for various projects.


  • This project has the potential to be a defining example of how Nepal and India will deal with power in the future. Mutual mistrust will continue to overshadow the possibility for long-term success on both sides unless India decides to respect Nepal's water and the current emphasis on electricity is reassessed.

India - Nepal Hydro Power Projects

  1. Mahakali treaty - 1995 (6480 MW)
  2. Upper Karnali Project
  3. Arun Project (900MW)



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