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Post at: Sep 09 2022

Swanirbhar Naari scheme

  • The Assam Government is making efforts in the state to provide some valuable support  to the economically vulnerable and deprived women sections. In a recent development, Assam Government has launched the second phase of  Swanirbhar Naari scheme.

Swanirbhar Naari scheme(Second Phase)

  • Launched on-July 19, 2022
  • Launched in-Assam
  • Beneficiaries-Women of Assam state.
  • Objective-To empower financially disadvantaged women.
  • First Phase was launched in-October 2020

Features of the scheme:

  • The scheme is prioritized the handloom sector, particularly for indigenous women weavers.
  • This scheme will assist these individuals to expand their businesses and support their families financially.
  • It has been stated that there will be an online website that will enable them to sell their goods on an internet basis with no intermediaries.
  • This scheme comes under the department of handloom textiles and sericulture to conserve the state’s cultural heritage and promote people who have inherited this skill from their ancestors.


  • According to the Assam govt. four lakh families are given benefits in the first phase.
  • The scheme will increase the income of women and encourage them to do something for themselves.
  • Native Assamese weavers would gain a lot from the website, which not only supports weavers but also ensures their future in this profession.

Handloom & textile sector of Assam has been playing an important role in the state economy.Therefore it becomes crucial to add the half of the state population into the industry that they can join their hands in the development of the state.

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