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Post at: Aug 12 2022

Digital News Report 2022

About Digital News Report

  • Digital News Report has been commissioned by the Reuters Institute for the study of journalism to understand how news is being consumed in a range of countries.
  • Significantly, the Reuters institute for the study of journalism is UK based Institute.
  • It is dedicated to exploring the future of journalism worldwide through debate, engagement and research.

Why is News?

  • In June 2022, renowned press Institute Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism released Digital News Report 2022.
  • This year's report reveals new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 93000 online news consumers in 46 markets covering half of the world's population.

Highlights of the Report

  • Report indicates that trust in the news has fallen in almost half of the countries and risen in just seven, partly reserving the gains made at the hight of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • According to the report Finland remains the country with the highest levels of overall trust (69%).
  • While discussing about US the report says that news trust in the USA has fallen by a further three percentage points and remains the lowest (26%).
  • Consumption of traditional media, such as TV and print media declined further in the last year in almost all markets (pre-Ukraine invansion).
  • Interest in news has fallen sharply across markets from 63% in 2017 to 51% in 2022.
  • There are some countries such as Australia, Germany and Sweden in which paying for online news slightly increased.
  • Across the entire sample, only around a third (32%) say that they trust news websites to use their personal data responsibly.

Social Sites

  • Facebook remains the most used social network for news.
  • TikTok has become the fastest growing network.

Smart phones

  • In this survey the smartphone has become the dominant way in which most people first access news in the morning.

Countries remains with highest level of trust

  • According to this report Finland remains the country with the highest levels of overall trust (69%).

Trends in India
There are some features which reflects trends in India-

  • Strongly mobile focused market
  • 72% people accessed news through smartphone and 35% did so via computers.
  • 84% of the Indian respondents sourced news online 63% from social media, 59% from TV and 49% from print.
  • Youtube (53%) and Whatsapp (51%) were the top social media platform be sourcing news.

This is the era of digital world. Declining trust in news by digital world is a such a worrying condition. Digital platform that provide news and other program, must ensure objectivity. Government all over globe also cooperate in this. Without the authentification of news, information can harm the consciousness of the common people. If we want this world that represents common values, objectivity of news has to be taken care of.



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