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Post at: Aug 11 2022

DeSSEI - 2022

Why in News ?

  • On 24 June 2022, ISRO, Astronautical Society of India (ASI), DRDO and Indian National Space Promotion and Authorizaion  (IN-SPACe) organised National Conference on "Development of Space Start - up Ecosystem in India (DeSSEI)" in Bengaluru.

About National Conference on DeSSEI

  • This conference was organised to nurture and up bring the space ecosystem in India.
  • The conference will bring together space industry experts from Government viz. ISRO/DRDO etc, non Government Private Enterprises (NGPE), new space start ups entrepreneurs,researchers and students on a  common platform to deliberate ways and means to develop NGPE space vertical in the country.
  • The seminar aimed to synergies efforts in shaping the architecture of next generation space sector revolution in India.

Focus areas of conference on DeSSEI

  • Indian Space Policy 2022
  • Space Economy
  • Strategy for Growth of Indian Space Sector
  • Space Start - ups Investors Panel
  • Indian Space Bill 2022
  • Space Biotechnology
  • Space Based Services
  • Indian Space Industry Panel
  • Indian Space Start Ups Experience and Ecosystem creators

Indian Space Sector

  • Indian is one of the leading space fairing nations and has a very accomplished government space program.
  • India's share in the global space market place valved at US $360 billion. 
  • Indian has emerged as one of the successful nations to have developed the capacity to develop satellites for services and interstellar mission, with vigorous and determined efforts of ISRO.
  • The government of India has initiated the space sector reforms to promote, handhold, regulate and authorise private enterprises and start - ups to undertake space activities. This will ultimately realize the aim of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat in space sector.

Astronomical Society of India

  • Astronomical Society of India (ASI) has been playing a vital role in the promotion of Astronaumies in the country since 1990-91.
  • ASI is actively working in the dissemination of technical knowledge related to aeronautics by conducting seminars & webinars, Technical publications, conferences and exhibitions etc.
  • It also helps other developing countries in the field of astronautics.

Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe or INSPACe)

  • INSPACe is an independent nodal agency under the Department of Space for allowing space activities and usage of DOS owned facilities by private enterprises.
  • In order to recourage and provide opportunity to undergraduate students to learn and design satellite system, IN-SPACe in association with ASI and other space - associations aims to launch a national level university students satellite competition.

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