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Post at: Aug 05 2022

I2U2 Initiative

  • International groupings formed on the basis of National Interest  These groups are formed when the national interests of two or more countries converge. In October, 2021 I2U2 grouping was initially formed following the Abraham Accord between Israel and UAE.

Why in News

  • India would attend the first of its kind virtual summit of the I2U2 grouping in July 2022. In this summit India, Israel, UAE and U.S. will take part.

About the grouping

  • This is a new grouping in which India, Israel. USA and UAE are the parties.
  • In the grouping name 'I2 stands for India and Israel, where as 'U2' stands for USA and the UAE.
  • This grouping will give a new shape in middle east.

Focus of the grouping

  • This ambitious grouping is focused on expanding economic and political cooperation in the Middle East as well as Asia.
  • In this grouping activities like trade, combating climate change, energy cooperation and coordination on other vital shared interests will be included.

Importance of I2 U2 for India

  • India will be able to balance the trade in Middle East.
  • India will get advantage of the Abraham Accord to deepen engagement with Israel without any risk with its ties with the UAE and the other Arab giants.
  • India is a massive consumer market that's why it can be benefited by other members.



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