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Post at: Jul 22 2022


Why in news

  • In April 2022, British Prime Minister Borris Johnson paid a visit to india. This was Johnson’s maiden visit to India after becoming UK PM.

During his two day visit (21-22 April), India and UK signed various agreements including Ukraine, Indo-Pacific, Economic Offenders. 

Key highlights

  • Johnson started his visit from Ahmedabad where he is scheduled to meet with leading businesses and discuss UK and India's thriving commercial and trade issues.
  • India and the United Kingdom witnessed various agreements in delegation-level talks at Hyderabad House-

Indo-Pacific Region

  • India welcomed the UK joining the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative under the maritime security pillar.
  • India also agreed to cooperate closely in this region towards their shared commitment for maintaining an open, free and secure rules-based Indo-Pacific region.

Economic Offenders

  • UK has assured India to set up an Anti-extremist task force to help India regard this matter.
  • This task force will deal with financial criminals of india and those person who are envolving into anti india sentiments.

Cyber Security 

  • India & the United Kingdom issued a joint cyber statement outlining their commitment to a joint programme of cooperation to deliver this partnership, focused on cyber governance, deterrence, resilience and capacity building.

Free trade deal 

  • The United Kingdom and India signed a new defence cooperation agreement on 22 April and setting up a committee that will look to complete a free trade deal by the end of the year.
  • The UK is creating an India specific open general export license reducing bureaucracy and reducing delivery times for defence procurement.


  • This is a unique juncture in India-UK relations as India attempts to carve out a new place for itself as a "leading power" in the emerging global order and the United Kingdom recalibrates its geopolitical approach post-Brexit. The importance of India's role in the dynamically shifting global order is underscored by the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom's visit. New geopolitical realities necessitate a shift in strategic thinking. It's time to grab the opportunity and set the groundwork for a cooperation capable of meeting the challenges of the twenty-first century.

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