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Post at: Jul 13 2022

ABHA Application under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

Why in News?

  • On May 2022, the National Health Authority has launched revamped Ayushman Bharat Health Account, ABHA mobile application to manage health records under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission.

About ABHA App

  • It was previously known as the National Digital Health Mission Health Records App.
  • The ABHA Mobile application enables an individual to create an ABHA address an easy-to-remember username that can be linked with the 14-digital randomly generated ABHA number.
  • The updated version of the ABHA app. has a new user interface and added functionalities that enable individual to access their health records anytime and anywhere.
  • The mobile application also enables users to link their health records created of Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission compliant health facility and view them on their smartphone.
  • The sharing of digital health records is only permitted with the individuals content, which might be permanent, temporary or time bound.

Significance of the Application

  • It is to tilt the focus of the healthcare sector towards digitisation.
  • The application also allows self - uploading of physical health records.
  • The ABHA app will be instrumental in helping citizen create their longitudinal health records.
  • It will enable them to save their health history on a single platform and access or share their health records anytime and anywhere without the worry of losing them.
  • ABHA is also aimed at increasing citizen participation.
  • The plateform will give ready access to health data to doctors, Services and healthcare providers to people from any where in the country.

About National Digital Health Mission

  • It is based on the foundations laid down in the form of Jan dhan, Aadhaar and Mobile (JAM) trinity and other digital initiatives of the government.
  • It will ensure access to quality healthcare by promoting the use of technology such as telemedicine and supporting the national portability of health service.
  • It aims to create a National Digital Health ecosystem that supports universal health coverage in an efficient, eccesible, inclusive affordable, timely and safe manner.

Benefits of this Mission

  • It will ensure ease of doing business for doctor & Hospitals and healthcare service providers.
  • It will create interoperability within the digital health ecosystem, similary to the role played by the unified payment interface in revolutionsing payments.
  • It will also provide a holistic and inclusive health model and easy, affordable and accessible treatment.
  • Enable access and exchange of longtudinal health record of citizen with their consent.
  • Effective implementation of scheme and policies of the government..
  • Boost to medical tourism.

Way Forward

  • India's digital healthcare space has a lot of room for growth and improvement.
  • ABHA is a push in the right direction.
  • Data protection measures will have to be robust to protect personal information.
  • It should be made transparent and easy to understand for the public.



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