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Post at: Jun 15 2022

Cosmos Malabaricus Project

Recent Context

  • On 21st April 2022, state government of Kerala entered into a MoU with the Netherlands for Cosmos Malabaricus project.


  • To further understand the history of state of Kerala using 18th century Dutch documents.
  • Using these documents, to study history of Kerala between 1643 to 1852.

What will happen under the project?

  • Two students from kerala will get an opportunity to study at Leiden university for MA Degree.
  • Students of Leiden University will get an Internship at the Kerala council of historical research.
  • In addition to student and scholar exchange, the KCHR and Leiden University will organise a two week summer school each year.


Project will help kerala to further its understanding of Malabar's history of 18th Century and develop more cooperation with Netherlands.


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