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Post at: Jun 10 2022

InTranSE -II Program

Why in news

  • In April, 2022 the government has launched Indigenous Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Solutions for Indian Traffic Scenario under Intelligent Transportation System Endeavor for Indian Cities Phase-II Program.

Funded by

  • The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.


  • Development, Demonstration, Deployment, Technology Transfer and Commercialization of products and technologies relevant to Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

Overall Objective

  • To provide the country with the capability to become a significant player in the area of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).

About the New Solutions

  • The products have been developed jointly by CDAC and IIT Madras, with Mahindra & Mahindra as industry collaborator.

Onboard Driver Assistance and Warning System (ODAWS)

  • As per Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India (MoRTH), in around 84 percent of cases, "driver error" was cited as the cause of the accident.
  • ODAWS incorporates vehicle-borne sensors for monitoring driver propensity and vehicle surroundings to deliver acoustic and visual alerts for driver assistance using algorithms.

Bus Signal Priority System

  • It aims to improve the poor reliability of bus system to discourage public from opting personal vehicles.
  • One of the major causes of delays for public transport buses in urban arterials is the delay at signalised intersections.
  • The system will provide priority to public transport buses, either through Green extension or Red truncation, considering all vehicles approaching a signalised intersection.

Common SMart IoT Connectivity (CoSMiC)

  • It is a middleware software providing standard based deployment of IoT adhering to oneM2M based global standard.
  • It facilitates users and application service providers to use open standards and open interfaces for end to end communication with well-defined common service functionalities complying with oneM2M standard.
  • OneM2M's global standard defines a common middleware technology in a horizontal layer between devices and communications networks and IoT applications.
  • It provides a dashboard page showing IoT units, products, applications and its live data in GIS map.
  • It also provides end to end solutions for the seamless connection of IoT devices and applications.

What is ITS (Intelligent Transport System)

  • Intelligent Transport Systems, or ITS, is a new transportation system which aims to resolve a variety of road traffic issues, such as traffic accidents and congestion, by linking people, roads, and vehicles in an information and communications network via cutting-edge technologies.
  • It includes, for example, a road traffic information provision system in which road traffic information is collected via roadside sensors and then provided to drivers.


  • To direct traffic away from accidents and alert emergency services as soon as an incident occurs.
  • Increase productivity by finding innovative ways to increase the capacity of our current infrastructure.
  • Reduce congestion and stop-start driving can also reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Lack of definite guidelines and regulations and difficulties in physical implementation.
  • To develop a nation-wide ITS data archive.
  • High cost for ITS safety systems does not allow high penetration.
  • Few people are willing to pay extra for safety systems and only few technologies are sufficient to ensure safety.


  • Through the employment of modern communications, sensors, and information processing technologies, ITS improves transportation safety and mobility while also increasing productivity. These technologies, when incorporated into the architecture of the transportation system and into the cars themselves, reduce traffic, improve safety, and boost Indian output. Government and administration should take proper measurements to ensure their advantage.

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