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Post at: May 21 2022

Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP)

Why in New

  • On 20 March 2022, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray launched the Mumbai Climate Action Plan (MCAP).

What is MCAP?

  • Mumabi Climate Action Plan (MCAP) is a comprehensive road-map outlining specific activities to reduce emissions and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement (to limit global warming to 1.5oC of the pre - industrial levels).
  • MCAP is India's first climate action plan to set short, medium and long term climate goals aimed towards zero carbon (net zero) emissions target for 2050.
  • With the MCAP, the Brihanmumbai Municipal corporation (BMC) aims to help Mumbai become a climate - resilient city.

Drafting of Mumbai Climate Action Plan

  • MCAP has been drafted by the Municipal Corporation of greater Mumbai (MCGM) with support from World Resources Institute (WRI) India.
  • Other partner organisations include (40 Cities) Network, and Climate Voice Maharashtra.

Need for a Climate Action Plan

  • WRI study on Mumbai's invulnerability assessment says Mumbai will face rise in temperature & extreme rain leading to floods.
  • Recent IPCC report predicts that Mumbai will face sea rise of 0.1m to 0.3m in next three decades. 
  • By 2050, Mumbai will see a 25% increase in the intensity of flash floods.
  • This will effect 2-3 million people living within 1 km from the coastline.
  • The plan also comes as part of the compliance process, as Mumbai joined C40 cities climate leadership group in December,  2020.

  • Mumbai's greenhouse gas emission was 34.3 million tonnes in 2019 of this 71% came from the energy sector which is mainly based on coal, 24% is from transport, and the 5% is from solid waste management.

Signs of climate change impact in Mumbai

  • Steady rise in air temperature over the past 50 years.
  • Uneven increase in night temperatures.
  • Faster warming of the winter months compared to the summer.
  • Since 2007, a constant rise in temperatures mainly due to concretization, lack of green cover and housing density in Mumbai
  • A substantial increase in intense rainfall and storm events in the last 5 years resulting in frequent water lodging and flooding.





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