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Post at: May 07 2022

Sujlam 2.0 Campaign

Why in News?

  • Union Jal Shakti Ministry launched Sujlam 2.0 Campaign on 22 March 2022.
  • Nine Ministries signed joint Advisory to undertake Grey Water management activities as part of the Campaign.
  • Under the campaign Govt. has planned to mobilize communities, institutions like Panchayats, School, Anganwadi to under take Grey Water Management.

About Sujlam 2.0 Campaign

  • Greywater can be best managed where it is generated and turns into a major management and infrastructure challenge, if it is allowed to accumulate and stagnate.
  • PRI's (Panchayati Raj Institutions) would work with people to ensure that greywater managed at the most appropriate local level through construction of household and community soak pits.

Grey water Management

  • It is estimated that 31 billion liters of greywater are generated every day in India.
  • Large number of village achieving 100% saturation under Jal Jeevan Mission, the time has come to focus on Management of grey water generated in village.
  • Greywater generated from rural homes has to be managed properly otherwise it poses a big problem.

Reuse of grey water

  • Treated Greywater can help reduce the over reliance on freshwater resource.
  • Reduce the Pollution caused by discharge of untreated greywater.
  • Greywater can also be supplementary source to existing water Sources.
  • Recycled greywater can be used as agriculture and gardening.

Way forward

  • There is need to develop sustainable behaviour practices to conserve water.
  • Government should take necessary steps of drinking water to establish water Purification or reverse osmosis (RO) Plants.

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