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Post at: Apr 26 2022

National Digital Tourism Mission (Draft)

Recent context

  • In March 2022, the Ministry of Tourism invited final comments on a draft report for setting up the National Digital Tourism Mission.
  • The draft report has been published on the tourism ministry’s website for suggestions and feedback from the public.


  • In july 2021,Ministry of Tourism had constituted an inter-ministerial task force for National Digital Tourism Mission to define the context, mission, vision, objectives, and overall scope of the National Digital Tourism Mission.
  • The Task Force has prepared a draft report on proposed National Digital Tourism Mission, which inter-alia lays down domain and technology principles, standards, digital stack, governance structure and plan for implementation of the envisaged National Digital Tourism Mission.
  • Focus- Green, and digital tourism.

Need of the project

  • Sub-sectors of tourism i.e. accommodation, transport, restaurants and catering, and personal services face very different challenges and opportunities and therefore policies have to be devised accordingly.
  • In the tourism sector, the data systems currently don’t interact with each other using a common language, thereby limiting data analytics and resultant policymaking.
  • It is important to have a seamless, standardized data exchange among various stakeholders in the tourism sector.

Challenges to Indian tourism
There are few challenges of tourism sector in india-
1.    It leads to gaps in credit worthiness, handle currency exchange fluctuations, lack of infrastructure.
2.    Compliance overhead: Absence of single window, labour compliances etc.
3.    Unsteady flow: Seasonal dependence, COVID, security issues.
4.    Technology upgradation: Lack of internet bookability in India, lack of tourism products, lack of social media promotion campaigns.
5.    Employable manpower: Lack of professional approach, low productivity, multi-lingual translators etc.
6.    Transport: Lack of secure, fast and quality transport, unified ticket options etc,
Step taken by the government-

  • Firstly, a Tourist e-Visa has been launched for citizens from 44 nations.
  • Incredible India Campaign has begun to promote India as a tourist destination across the globe.
  • Participation in numerous tourism and travel fairs and exhibitions is yet another step.
  • The government also organised road shows to promote tourism destinations and products of country in major tourist source markets in partnership with stakeholders.
  • The tourism ministry has also taken up the development and promotion of niche tourism products.
  • Ministry of Tourism has also identified close to 50 circuits for developing tourism.


  • Travel & Tourism is a crucial sector to Indian economy, contributor to employment and GDP. 
  • By 2030, country is expecting this sector to contribute upwards of USD 500 Billion to our GDP so India is now opening up international travel in a calibrated manner.Ministry of Tourism in partnership with Tourism stakeholders is launching various incentives and initiatives to encourage and facilitate every visit to India.India will host G-20 summit next year and many meetings across various tracks will be held in India in various cities. 

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