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Post at: Apr 25 2022

Purvavalokan Economic and Social Development part-5 2022(भूल-सुधार)

  • Page No.127 Q.84 Option 'c' is replaced with 'b'
  • Page No.44 Q.59 Option 'a' is replaced with 'b'
  • Page No. 497 Q.75 Explanation read ("Among the given options, Uttar Pradesh has largest number of towns in India.")
  • Page E-364,Q.No.72-Read Ans (c) in place of (b).
  • Page 182 Q.No. 15: Read answer as option(c) in place of (b.)
  • For Q.No. 168 (Page 212)  and Q.169 (Page-213) See the Explanation of Q.163. 
  • For Q.195 (Page 218), see the explanation of Q.193.
  • Q. 342 (Page 242) Explanation,read "on the recommendations of Malegam Committee, a new category of NBFCs,viz., Non Banking Financial Company-Microfinance Institution (NBFC-MFI) was created in 2011."
  • Purvavalokan Economic and Social Development, 2022 Page No. 44 Q. No. 59, read answer (a) instead of answer (b).

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