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Post at: Apr 01 2022

Language-Domicile Protest in Jharkhand

Recent Context

  • In February 2022, several parts of Jharkhand have seen massive protests against the inclusion of Bhojpuri and Magahi as “Regional Languages” in district-level competitive examinations for government jobs.

Why are the protests taking place?

  • On December 23, the Jharkhand Personnel Administrative Reforms, and Rajbhasha Department issued a notification to include Magahi, Bhojpuri, and Angika among others as regional languages.
  • It is included  in the district-level selection process through exams conducted by the Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC).
  • The notification triggered resentment in a section of people especially in Bokaro and Dhanbad, who saw the inclusion of Bhojpuri and Magahi as an “Infringement” on the rights of Adivasis and Moolvasis. 
  • The protesters argue that the “low population” of Magahi and Bhojpuri speakers in these two districts did not Want the inclusion of these languages in the job selection process.

What kind of examinations are these?

  • The Jharkhandi Bhasha Sangharsha Samiti, an organisation of Moolvasis and Adivasis has organised more than 50 protest gatherings over the in the month of Jan 2022. 
  • The protests were intended to pressure the government because the population that speaks Magahi and Bhojpuri in Bokaro and Dhanbad is minuscule that will only make jobs scarcer for Jharkhandis.
  • The Samiti is not opposing the inclusion of these languages in Latehar, Garhwa or Palamu, because a substantial population speaks these languages in those areas.


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