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Post at: Apr 01 2022


Why In News

  • In February 2022,Villagers staying adjacent to Kakoijana reserve forest in Assam’s Bongaigaon district,  have opposed a move by the State government to upgrade Kakoijana Reserve Forest to a Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Kakoijana Reserve Forest is one of the better-known homes of the Golden Langur.

What Is the issue?

  • The Assam Forest Department issued a preliminary notification for converting the 19.85 sq. km. area of forest into the Kajoijana Bamuni Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Once the Kakoijana Reserve Forest is converted to a Wildlife Sanctuary this will impact the customary and traditional practices and consequently result in villagers losing the rights over the forest.
  • The villagers have demanded that the reserve forest should be converted into a Community Forest reserve using Forest Rights Act, 2006. 
  • They pointed out that the conservation efforts by them had helped the authorities concerned to restore the forest canopy from less than 5% to more than 70%. 
  • This in turn helped increase the Golden Langur population from less than 100 to more than 600 over almost three decades. 

  • This is considered as the world's 25 most endangered primates.
  • Main population of golden langurs in Assam is the Manas Biosphere Reserve, along the Bhutan Border.

Difference between Wildlife Sanctuary,Community Reserve and Reserve forest

  • Wildlife Sanctuary-This place is reserved exclusively for wildlife use, which includes animals, reptiles, insects, birds, wild animals, especially those in danger of extinction so that they can live in peace for a lifetime and keep their population viable.
  • The Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 gives power to Central and State governments to declare any area a Wildlife Sanctuary, National Park or Closed area.
  • Reserve Forest-They are the most restricted forests and are constituted by the State Government on any forest land or wasteland which is the property of the Government.
  • In this forests, local people are prohibited,unless specifically allowed by a Forest Officer in the course of the settlement.
  • Community reserve - It is the customary common forest land within the traditional or customary boundaries of the village.
  • The reserve is managed through a community reserve management committee.
  • No change in land use pattern shall be made within the community reserve, except in accordance with a resolution passed by the management committee and approval of the same by the State Government.


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