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Post at: Jan 14 2022

Pralay Missile

Recent Context

  • On 23rd December 2021 India successfully conducted the second flight test of indigenously developed surface-to-surface missile ‘Pralay’.


  • The Pralay missile is the amalgamation of technologies developed for exoatmospheric interceptor missile Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) from Indian Ballistic Missile Defence Programme and Prahaar tactical missile.
  • Prahaar is a surface-to-surface missile with a range of 150 km.


  • It is India's first conventional quasi-ballistic missile.
  • A quasi-ballistic missile has a low trajectory, and while it is largely ballistic, it can maneuver in flight.
  • It will be able to defeat the interceptor missile and will provide an answer to any conventional missile attack from northern or western borders.
  • It will be the largest range surface to surface missile in the inventory.
  • When inducted in army it will give tactical advantage to India as India will have two conventional missiles with long range.
  • The Army also has the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile in its arsenal, with a stated range of 290-plus kilometres.
  • The BrahMos will be a cruise option and this one will be the ballistic option.

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