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Post at: Oct 12 2021

Bihar Flood


  • On 31st August 2021, East Central Railway suspended rail movement between Darbhanga and Samastipur section due to flood.
  • This state is flooded with raining in the mansoon season.

About Bihar's Flood

  • The state has been facing floods since for a long-time.
  • It accounts for almost half of India's average annual flood losses.
  • The frequency of floods has become high in recent years.

  • Much of the Bihra's mysery has been caused by the Kosi river, which is a major tributary of Gangas.

Causes of flood in Bihar

  • Increased conversion of forests to agricultural and pastural land,
  • People have been increasingly occupying the flood plains.
  • The flow of the river has grown 2.5 times resulting in the failure of embankments in every flood.

Steps that are needed/taken

  • The disaster Management Department, Government of Bihar has come out with a number of schemes given below :


  • Although, the Bihar government has taken a number of structural measures like detention basine, embankments channel improvement etc to tackle the flood but there is a ned to give special emphasis or to stop the encroachment of river basin areas proactive measures can also be taken into account to curb this menace effectively.

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