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Post at: Oct 08 2021


Why in news

  • India has scored 90.32% in United Nation's Economic and Social Commission for Asia Pacific (UNESCAP) Global Survey on Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation Launched on 23 July, 2021.
    • India has scored 90.32% in UNESCAP Latest Global Survey on Digital and Sustionable Trade Facilitation. The survey hails this as remarkable jump from 78.49% in 2019.

Key point :

After evaluation of 143 economies, the 2021 Survey has highlighted India's significant improvement in the scors on all 5 key indicators

Comparision with other country

  • The survey notes that India is best performing country when companed to south and south west Asia region (63.12%) and Asia-pacific region (65.85%)
  • The overall performance of India has also been found to greaten than many OECD countries like france, UK, Canada, norway, finland etc.
  • Overall score is greaten than the avarage of score of EU.
  • India has achieved a 66% score in the 'women in trade' component.

About Survey :

  • The Survey is conducted every two years by UNESCAP and The 2021 survey includes an assessment of 58 trade facilitation measures covered by WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement.
  • The measures include risk management, publications of existing import-export subs on internet, advance ruling on tarrif classification, independent appeal mechanism etc.

  • ICEDASH - The Ministry of Finance has launched ICEDASH for improved monitoring of customs clearance of Imported goods
  • ATITH - for facilitating arriving intennational passengers
  • Turant Customs - It is a secure QR coded shipping bill that would be electronically sent to exporters unveiled by Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC)
  • Despite that India set up a National Committee on Trade Facilitations (NCTE) To facilitate both domestic cordination and implementation of provisions under chairmanship of cabinent secretary
  • In order to optimize gains of Trade facilitation, National Trade Facilitation Action plan for 2017-20 was prepared aligned with WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement
  • Establishment of a National Single Window System.
  • Paperless filing of import/export documents through E-sanchit project.


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