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Post at: Oct 08 2021

‘Krishikarna’, A Project To Promote Hi-Tech Farming

Recent Context 

  • ‘Krishikarna’, a project to promote hi-tech ,farming has been launched recently by Kerala Government in Pallikkal panchayat of Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala. 

About ‘Krishikarna’ 

How does it work? 

  • Under Krishikarna, a mini polyhouse can be set up on 2.5 cents of land. The Total estimated cost per polyhouse is Rs. 2.35 lakh.
  • Qore3 Innovations provides the technical support for implementing polyhouses under Krishikarna.

Need of the initiative 

  • Unprecedented weather changes have had a negative impact on agriculture in Kerala. 
  • Through hi-tech farming practices like polyhouses, farmers can cultivate crops all through the year. 
  • Farmers can cultivate long beans, tomato, salad cucumber, capsicum, chillies and leafy vegetables at these mini poly houses.
  • Also, The produce harvested from the mini poly houses will be sold through WhatsApp group, making it easier for farmers to find a market.

About Polyhouses 

  • Polyhouse is a type of greenhouse where a specialized polythene sheet is used as a covering material under which the crops can be grown in partially or fully controlled climatic conditions. 

Advantages of Polyhouse farming 

  • Poly house protects the crops from wind, rain, radiation, precipitation and other climatic factors.
  • It creates a microclimate surrounding the crops that help in maximum growth regarding production and quality.
  • Poly house also provides higher concentrations of Co2 to increase the production to maximum level; therefore Poly house yields are way higher than open-field cultivation.
  • You can grow the plants in poly house conditions that are otherwise impossible to cultivate in that particular climatic zone. E.g. Growing strawberries in the plains of India.
  • Poly house crops can give you maximum profit in a minimum area under cultivation.

Disadvantages of Polyhouse farming 

  • Production cost is very high, and a significant amount of initial capital investment is required.
  • Poly house cultivation is high maintenance farming and requires continuous vigilance.
  • Technical knowledge is essential for running a poly house, and a skilled supervisor and trained labourers are required to perform daily activities.
  • Poly house farming is too much dependant on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and still, there is less scope for organic agriculture.


  • With official backing from the Kerala government, farmers of Kerala will get all the technical, infrastructure and financial support which will help them in overcoming the challenges that they are facing in agriculture.
  • This hi-tech farming will help in increasing the yield and quality of crops and hence the income of farmers.

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